I’ve been working with Dustin for 7 months and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Initially I tried working out on my own but I struggled to find exercises I could do that didn’t irritate my low back or knees (they’re sensitive). So, my primary goal in reaching out to Dustin was to find pain-free strength-building exercises. I didn’t care how simple the exercises were or if I could only lift light weights. I just needed to find SOMETHING I could do to get stronger.

Dustin has done an amazing job of finding exercises that I can do given my physical limitations. We started out with simple exercise using light weight and have progressed to more complex exercises using heavy weight. As our workouts progressed I was able to set new goals for myself (build muscle mass). I’m much stronger now. I’ve gained almost 10lbs of muscle and I’m able to do exercises I never thought I’d be able to do (ex. deadlift).  There is no way I’d be where I am today without Dustin.

I few more things about Dustin:

  • He seems like he really cares about my goals and progress. He checks in with me on our days off and is always available for questions via email and text. He makes me feel like a priority.

  • He’s very knowledgably. I’ve peppered him with questions regarding workout technique, nutrition, and recent studies. He always knows what I’m talking about and has an answer. He seems like he stays really up-to-date on recent studies in strength building and nutrition. 

  • He’s super nice, encouraging, and makes me feel comfortable.