Muscular Man Lifting Kettle Ball


Change Your Life

Building better confidence, ability, and bodies.  Move Stronger KC was started to fuse fitness and professionalism with an educational approach to create an inspiring and valuable experience.

Move Stronger KC is located at two Kansas City area locations (downtown and Waldo) and also offers convenient mobile training services.


I believe that sound movement with an emphasis on getting stronger, coupled with a mindful nutritional approach are the cornerstones to a better you.  These are the guiding principles that I try to instill in my clients, so that not only physical change occurs, but also the education and awareness to use a set of tools that will lead to mental and lifestyle change.  Empowering someone to be the best version of themselves is the ultimate reward.  -Dustin Taber (Owner)



I help people move better.  Then I help them get stronger.  At the same time we are creating sustainable habits with fitness and nutrition.  Quality of movement is one of my priorities to ensure that workouts are optimal and safe.  Sustainable habits are built to continue and maintain the positive benefits of a healthier and more fit lifestyle.



Nothing bad came from getting stronger

Optimizing movement to create a pain-free workout experience and develop a strong platform to build from.  I will help you train smart, train efficiently, and train for your specific goals.


Fuel your body to feel better and look better

Not sure what to eat or where to start when it comes to your nutritional habits?  I offer general nutrition coaching to help build long term habits.  I use various approaches to meet the client where they are at and not force them into one singular approach.  We are all different physiologically and psychologically.....and that requires customization to the individual.



A Healthier You

I pride my service on educating and helping my clients create sustainability with their fitness and nutrition endeavors.  Creating a lasting and enjoyable approach.